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Milo Vase from Kauai

This vase was made form Milo that I got when In Kauai. It measures 7″ tall and 4.5 wide.

Silver Birch Vase

This is my first photo uploaded to the WOW (World of Wood turners), I remade the photo booth.  The vase is a piece of silver birch from a friends cottage after a heavy rain and wind storm. It is 10 1/2″ tall and the base is 2 1/2″ wide and hollowed down 9 1/2″. The Read More

Spruce Burl Vase

An elegant little vase made from  a spruce burl with accents of purple heart and cocobolo woods. The colours re much better in real life than the picture shows. It is 7 1/2″ tall and about 3″ near the base.

Crab Apple Vase

This cute vase is from a neighbours tree that had to be cut down. Most of the wood cracked before I could get to it so I am glad at leat one piece managed to survive. It is 6 1/2″ by 5″.

Red Maple

This vase is a piece of red maple that the hydro was cutting and a friend picked some up. At our Kingston Woodturners meeting he brought it for the 50/50 draw and I was lucky enough to win it. It is 9″ tall and about 3″ at the bottom, the wall thickness is 1/8″ for most Read More

Small Juniper Vase

A small piece of juniper from John & Diane’s laneway renovations was turned into this 6″ by 3″ vase. On doing the neck of the vase I got to thin and suddenly had a window. It was fixed using ca glue and shaving from the turning. The wood has a better colour than the photo Read More

Manzanita Root Vase

This little piece of manzanita root burl comes to us from California river bed. It is 5″ by 3 1/2″ and the neck top is natural edge. The wall thickness is approximately 1/4″. This type of wood has great colour and character.

Jumping Juniper

This vase was created from a piece of Juniper that we got from a friends driveway widening project. The colour and aroma of the wood is great. The photo doesn’t get the real colour. Each piece of the tree had long cracks and these were filled with ca glue and shavings from the turning. So far Read More

Wormy Cherry Vase

The Wormy cherry vase is 13″ tall and 5″ wide at the top. This is my first large vase after taking a course with Paul Ross of Chalet Woodcraft in Bloomfield Ontario. The wood came from a friend in Ottawa.