Geometric designs are great additions to any room. Made from Architectural Glass either with copper foil or lead channel , they can provide some privacy without blocking much light. If bevels are included you have the added bonus of rainbows bouncing around the room when the sun hits them. Adding a little colour adds some interest and can complement a room’s decor.

Quilt Block Design

This unique piece of stained glass is based on a quilt design. Ann is also a very prolific quilter. When we were at the Scottish festival about 2 years ago, we met a photographer and talked about taking photos of glass. He took several of the pieces and this is one of them. I will Read More

Purple Whispy with bevels

This bevelled piece is 17″ square and has hooks to hang horizontally. We have it in the stand to take the picture, to see the true colour you must see it in person. The bevels create many rainbows as the sun shines through them each day.

Orange Abstract

This piece of glass as several bevels and some neat pieces of architectual glass.

Blue Agate

This blue agate is on a 10″ stand and the design can be rotated to your desired location.

Green Agate Oval

This green agate in an oval looks very attractive with the sunlight shining through.

Bevelled Abstract

This panel is made up of many bevels.

Stained Glass Quilt

This special quilt will bring colour to your window.

9 Bevel Square

For those who care, we have a 9 bevel square. The light rainbows it creates are truly beyond compare. Buy it for yourself, or as a gift because it’s always nice to share. The french word mother is mere. I’ll stop rhyming now because I can feel your blank stare.

Bevelled Abstract

This unique abstarct will enhance any window.

Abstract Rainbow

A rainbow of colours radiates from the red sun in this abstract piece.

Baroque Celtic Knot

The blue and clear baroque glass are used in this simple knot design.


Gold and Blue Medieval Deign with clear centre.

Purple Lucky Charm

Three purple knots encloseing purple ripple glass. Edge contains 3 small square bevels which are magically delicious.

Celtic Knot

Green and Blue Waterglass Celtic Knot with stand.

Rectangular Bevelled Window

5 diamond bevels for the centre of this clear textured piece. The borders are bevelled as well.