The turnings in this section are ones that I have been experimenting with or are just plain unusual and different from all the others. Some pieces will be whimsical or from very different kinds of wood or may have taken on a life of there own. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did in creating them.

Red Mallee Burl

This little fellow has travelled a great distance to get here. It comes to us from the forests of Australia. I purchased the burl from John at Woodchuckers in Weston Ontario. The colours a very nice and it has a great feel to it. The bowl is 3″ by 5″. With this wood you have Read More

The Atrist’s Palette

This piece of spruce burl was made into a shallow dish that is 12″ by 2″. The creation, when I was finished looked to me just like an artist’s palette , hence the name. The Chatoyance (changing colour of the grain) has to be seen in person. It is a really amazing piece of wood. Read More

Banksia Pod Mushroom

This mushroom was created from a Banksia Pod, which comes to us all the way from Australia. The unusual seed pod was fun to turn. The final outcome looks more like a tree than a mushroom, the next ones will have a more mushroom shape as my skill develop. It stands about 5? tall and Read More

Cherry Burl Mushroom

This lidded mushroom was created from an end piece of a cherry burl. I had about 6″ on either side of the burl and this was one section of the branch. I managed to keep the moss intacked and hopefully it will stay that way. I learned that once you have the lid fitting very Read More