Fusing Some Glass

This picture shows how we load the kiln for a fusing firing. Here we have several layers of glass on top of each other.  Glass as it fuses moves to a thickness of 1/4 inch so if we wish to retain a shape it is important we have 1/4 inch of glass in layers.  The glass must also have the same co efficient of expansion ( e.g. 96) so stress fractures don’t occur as it cools and contracts at different rates. We will heat the kiln to 1465 and the layers of glass will melt together but they will not (we hope) expand and touch the piece beside it. Once we have the glass fused to what we call “lake smooth” the kiln is stopped and allowed to cool for 12 hours. Once the kiln has cooled, we can take the glass out and the larger pieces will be placed onto ceramic moulds to be slumped into their final shapes. Some of the smaller pieces are for jewellery and will have the findings placed on them ready to be packaged.