Lathe Workshop

My new lathe arrived in Ottawa on Tuesday and John Lisk and I went up there to pick it up and bring it home. Tom met us here and using a heavy duty dolly we got all of the bits and pieces down into the basement without injury to ourselves or the lathe. We used Tom’s motor table/hoist to put the “ways ” or bed of the lathe on as it’s the heaviest piece and then cranked it up so the legs would fit underneath and then we attached everything. It is now wired and running very nicely, it is really solid and is very quiet. I made a shelf for under the lathe and I have 3 large bowl blanks waiting to be cored. These ones are about 20″ in diameter.

This is probably the tidiest you will see the shop for quite a while. I am sure that Ann will be very pleased with this new addition to the basement when she returns from her trip to visit relatives in Holland and do a bit of cruising on a ship around Italy and Greece.