Each piece of wood ” talks ” to Ron to tell him the size and shape of the bowl. Ron tries to choose a design that shows off the unique grain and special features . He particularly enjoys working with unusual wood and burls. Burls are the growths on a tree. They often contain spalted wood, markings of insects and holes and therefore are somewhat unstable. Pieces are finished by sanding with increasingly fine sandpaper up to 2000 , oiled and then polished using the “Beal Buffing system ” . This system applies and polishes with three different types of wax. All bowls are food safe. To clean , they should be wiped off with a damp cloth not immersed in water.

Maple Bowl

A nice maple bowl that is ready for a good salad. It is 13″ by 5 1/2″ . The wood was from a log I purchase at a wood auction. Several family memebrs have some of the same log that I turned for them.

Oak Salad Bowl

This oak salad bowl is ready for a family dinner. It is 13″ by 5 3/4″. The local city was removing some trees and I was fortunate to get a couple of pieces.

Ambrosia Maple Bowl

Ambrosia Maple, is maple that has been drawn on by a little bettle. It does create some very interesting art work, unfortunately when it has finished the tree usually dies. I got this piece north of Kingston. The bowl is 8 1/2″ by 3 and will grace any table. The art work is much better Read More

Spruce Burl Bowl

This burl bowl was a challenge to turn as the top was anything but even. It is rather thick so that I could save some of the bark. It has some nice figure near the bottom right. Not a burls have the great figure but mother nature does her best. This one is 10″ by Read More

Black Walnut Salad Bowl

This black walnut bowl is ready to be used for the family gatherings. It is 12 1/2″ by 6″. The wood came from a road widening project.

Ambrosia Maple Backside

This photo shows the backside of the ambrosia maple bowl. The little beetles have been at their creative work again.

Ash Burl Bowl with style

This beautiful ash burl bowl was turned from a cored piece of the #1 burl. By coring large pieces I am able to get maybe 3 to 5 various size bowls and thus save a lot of shaving going to the recycling depot. This bowl is 14 1/2″ by 4″ and it has great figure Read More

Natural Edge Ambrosia Maple

This bowl is a large piece of Ambrosia Maple from the Camden East area. Turning the bowl this way gives the bowl the natural edge and also the oval shape. Wood that is cut during the winter has a better chance of keeping the bark on. I may have to use some super glue to Read More

Maple & Brass Flower Holder

This decorative  maple flower dish features three bands of inlaid brass.  The inset black metal container has a kenzan ( frog) attached to make flower arranging easy.

Black Walnut Beauty

This beautiful black walnut bowl was made from a great chunk of wood reclaimed from a construction site.  It is 14 1/2 by 6 1/2 and can be viewed at Delvalle’s Art Corner.

PotPourri Dish

A piece of big leag curly maple was turned into this  4 1/2 inch by 2 inch pot porri dish.  The openwork metal top is a calla lily.  Other styles of lids are available.

Ash Burl Bowl # 1

This beautiful Ash Burl (16 1/2″ by 6″) was made from a huge burl piece that I got a wood auction in Setpember of 2008. It was cored into 4 variuos size bowls and stored away for 6 months.

Cherry Burl Bowl

This very unique piece of wood comes from the Perth Andover area of New Brunswick. I got this and several others when I paid a visit to Maurice Gamblin. If you are ever down that way stop in to his gallery and shop. The cherry burl was turned for a friend to give to her Read More

Sugar Maple Burl

This very attractive sugar maple burl salad bowl comes from the forests around the Mazinaw Lake area near Highway 41. The bowl has a small foot to give the appreance of floating off the table. It is sanded to 2000 grit and then two coats of tung oil. After these coats have dried, it is Read More

Really Red Mallee Burl

This piece really shows how the red mallee got its name. The wood has many spikes and looks quite nice. When you turn the wood and get through the outer layer , then you can begin to see the great red colour and beautiful texture of this unique Australian wood.  Again this is a piece Read More

Red Mallee Dish

This special Red Mallee Burl comes from Australia. I picked this one up from Woodchucker’s in Weston Ontario. This piece has some of the red colouring but not a great deal. You must be careful when working with this wood as the little pointed spikes can do a real job on the fingers, if one Read More